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Time Table for April-May 2011 Semester Examination

Date Morning Session
09:00 AM - 12:00 Noon
Afternoon Session
01:00 PM - 04:00 PM
Saturday, 23 April 2011
BCA201 Mathematics II (07,08,09,10)
COA201/COB201 Engg. Maths II
MCA201 Scient. Comp.- A S/W Approach. (07,09,10)
MCH201 Modern Spectroscopic Technique
MCSE103 Object Oriented System
MCSE201 Distributed Systems
MDC201 Comm. Networks & Protocols
MGT201 Human Resource Management (10)
MIT201 Simulation & Modeling
MIT201 Software Engg. & Project Management
MME101 Theory of Machining
MME201 Computer Control of Machines of Processes
MMT201 Linear Algebra
MPE201 Modeling & Simulation
PHY201 Classical Electrodynamics
BBA601 Management Information System
BCA601 Advanced Java (06,07,08)
CSE601 Compiler Design (04,05,06,07,08)
EC601 Microwave Engineering (06,07,08)
EE601 Power System Analysis (06,07,08)
IT601 Internet & Intranet (07,08)
ME601 Prin. of Mgt. & Ind. Engg. (06,07,08)
Sunday, 24 April 2011
BBA401 Company Law
BCA401 Discrete Maths (07)
BCA401 Mathematics IV (08,09)
CE401 Numerical Methods in Civil Engg.
CSE401 Engg. Maths IV-CE (04,05,06,07,08,09)
EC401 Engg. Maths IV-EC (05,06,07,08,09)
EE401 Engg. Maths. IV-EE (05,06,07,08,09)
IE401 Engg. Maths. IV-IE
IT401 Engg Maths IV-IT (06,07,08)
IT401 Probability & Stat. (09)
MCA401 Software Engineering (07,09)
ME401 Engg. Maths. IV-ME (04,05,06,07,08,09)
Monday, 25 April 2011
BBA202 Human Resource Management
BCA202 C Programming Part II(09,10)
BCA202 Prog. & Problem Sol. In C (Part II)(08)
COA202/COB202 Strength of Materials
MCA202 Operating Systems (10)
MCH202 Organic Reactions Mechanisms
MCSE202/MCSE104 Real Time System
MGT202 Marketing Management (09,10)
MIT202 Web Technology
MME103 Advanced Operation Research
MME202 Production of Inventory Control
MMT202 Differential Equation
MPE202 Variable Speed AC Drives
PHY202 Condensed Matter Physics
BBA602 Project Management
BCA602 Operating System (06,07,08)
CSE602 Operating Systems (05,06,07,08)
EC602 Embedded System (06,07,08)
EE602 Adv. Control Theory (05,06,07,08)
IT602 Computer Network (06,07,08)
ME602 Applied Thermodynamics II (05,06,07)
ME602 Applied Thermodynamics II (08)
MGT402 International Business Mgt. (08,09)
Tuesday, 26 April 2011
BBA402 Entp. & Small Business
BCA402 Database Management System (07,08,09)
CE402 Fluid Mech. II
CSE402 Microprocessor & Peripheral Devices (09)
CSE402 Microprocessor I (04,06,07,08)
EC402 Analog Electronics Ckts. (04,05,06,07,08,09)
EE402 Network Analysis (06)
EE402 Signal & Systems (07,08,09)
IE402 Signal & System
IT402 Comp. Org. & Architecture (07,08,09)
MCA402 Theory of Computation (07,09)
ME402 App. Thermodyn. I (04,05,06,07,08)
ME402 App. Thermodyn. I (09)
Wednesday, 27 April 2011
BBA203 Business Environment
BCA203 Accounting & Fin. Management (06,08,09,10)
COA206/COB206 Comp. Programming II
MCA203 Data Structures (07,09,10)
MCH203 Comp. Fundamentals & Prog.
MCSE105 Graph Theory
MCSE203 Adv. Software Engineering
MDC203 Satellite & Optical Comm. System
MGT203 Advanced Financial Management (08,09,10)
MIT203 Distributed Systems
MME Elective Production Management
MME Elective Quantitative Tech. in Production
MMT203 Fluid Mechanics
MPE203 Computer Aided Power System Analysis
PHY203 Comp. Fundamentals & Prog.
BBA-MM-601 International Marketing Management
BCA603 Software Engineering (06,07,08)
CSE603 Computer Networks II (04,05,06,07,08)
EC603 Digital Signal processing (06,07,08)
EE603 Special Machines & Drives (06,07,08)
IT603 Software Engineering (06,07,08)
ME603 Machine Design II (05,06,07,08)
MGT-MR-401 Rural Marketing (08,09)
Thursday, 28 April 2011
BBA403 Production Management
BCA403 Visual Basic (08,09)
CE403 Structural Analysis II
CSE403 Adv. Progg. In UNIX/LINUX Env. (06,07,08)
CSE403 Database Management Systems (09)
EC403 Electromagnetic Waves (06,07,08,09)
EE403 Electrical Machines II (07,08,09)
IE403 Sensor & Transducers
IT403 OOP with C++ (07,08,09)
MCA403 Operating Systems (06,07,09)
MCH401 Bioinorganic Chemistry
ME403 Fluid Mechanics (04,05,06,07,08,09)
MMT401 Wavelet Analysis (08)
PHY401 Radiation Physics
Monday, 2 May 2011
BBA204 Quantitative Analysis
BCA204 Web Page Designing (08,09,10)
COA203 Engg. Chemistry
COB203 Engg. Physics
MCA204 Object Oriented Programming (09,10)
MCH204 Quantum Chemistry
MCSE204 Linux Internal
MDC204 Cognitive Wireless Communication Networks
MGT204 Productions & Operations Mgt. (07,08,09,10)
MIT204 Wireless Ad-hoc Network
MMT204 Topology
MPE204 Theory of Switching Devices
PHY204 Quantum Mechanics II
BBA-MM-602 Industrial Marketing
BCA604 Computer Network Security (06,07,08)
CSE604 Software Engineering (04,05,07,08)
EC604 Digital Communication (05,06,07,08)
EE604 Database Management System (07,08)
EE604 Electrical Machine Design (08)
EE604 Principles of Communication System (06)
IT604 Operating System (05,06,07,08)
ME604 Inst. & Control System (05,06,07,08)
MGT-MR-402 Service Marketing (09)
Tuesday, 3 May 2011
BBA404 Marketing of Services
BCA404 Internet & E-Commerce (06,08,09)
CE404 Design of RC Structures
CSE404 Computer Graphics (04,06,07,08,09)
EC404 Microprocessor (06,07,08,09)
EE404 Elec. Meas. & Inst. (06,07,08,09)
IT404 Database Management Systems (06,08,09)
MCA404 Analysis & Design of Algorithms (07,09)
MCH402 Solid State Chem. & Int. Sc.
ME404 Machine Design I (04,05,06,07,08,09)
MMT402 Hydrodynamic Stability
PHY402 Atomic & Molecular Physics
Wednesday, 4 May 2011
BBA205 Business Finance
BCA205 Fund. Of Digital Elect. (07,08)
BCA205 Principle of Prog. Language (09,10)
COA204 Ele. of Mech. Engg.
COB204 Ele. of Elect. Engg.
MCA205 Computer Org. & Architecture (10)
MCSE205 Optimization Tech.
MDC205 4G Technologies
MGT205 Research Methodology & Stat Tech (09,10)
MIT205 Micro-computer based System Design
MIT205 Object Oriented Model. & Dgn. Using UML
MMT205 Differential Geometry & Tensor Calculus
MPE205 Elect. Mach. Analysis & Waveguides & Antenna
BBA-MM-603 Rural Marketing
BCA605 Unix & Shell Programming (06,08)
CSE605 Ad-hoc Network & Sensor Networks (08)
CSE605 JAVA (05)
CSE605 Simulation & Modeling (04,06,07)
EC605 Power Electronics (06,07,08)
EE605 Dig. Computer Architecture (06,07,08)
IT605 Probability & Statistics (06,07,08)
ME605 Mechatronics (06,07,08)
MGT-MR-403 Industrial Marketing (09)
Thursday, 5 May 2011
BBA405 Consumer Behaviour
BCA405 System Analysis & Design (07,08,09)
CE405 Building Science & Tech.
CSE405 Des. & Ana. Of Algorithms (04,06,07,08,09)
EC405 Digital System Design (04,06,07,08,09)
EE405 Generation, Trans., & Dist.(07,08,09)
IE405 Prin. Of Comm. Sys.
IT405 Digital Systems (05,06,07,08)
IT405 Web Design (09)
MCA405 Optimization Techniques (06,07,09)
MCH403-A Chemistry of Nano Materials
MCH403-G Supramolecular Chemistry
MCH403-I Medicinal Chemistry
ME405 Material Science (06,08,09)
MMT403 Stochastic Process
PHY404 Electronics -II (Exp. Group)
PHY404 Part. Phy. II(Th. Group)
Friday, 6 May 2011
COA205 Comm. Skills
COB205 Basic Electronics
MCA206 Web Technology
MGT206 Global Economic Env. & Policy (09,10)
MMT206 Probability & Statistics II
BBA-FM-601 International Financial Management
BBA-HR-601 Human Resource Management
CSE606 Graph Theory (04,05,06,07,08)
EC606 Digital Computer Architecture (07,08)
EC606 Wireless Communication (06,08)
EE606 Digital Signal Processing (07,08)
EE606 Utilization of Elect. Energy (06)
IT606 Multimedia Computing (06,07,08)
ME606 Manufacturing Process III (06,07,08)
MGT-FM-401 International Fin. Management (09)
MGT-HR-401 Org. Dynamics & Leadership (09)
MGT-IS-401 E-Commerce (09)
Saturday, 7 May 2011
CE406 Planning & CA Drawing of Building
CSE406 Comp. Org & Architecture (05,06,07,08,09)
EC406 Linear IC Systems (06,07,08,09)
EE406 Analog Electronic Ckts (06)
EE406 Analog System Design (07,08,09)
IE406 Dig. Sys. Design
IT406 Formal Language & Automata (09)
MCH404 Inorganic Rect. Mech. & Org.
ME406 Manufacturing Process II (06,07,08,09)
MMT404 Optimization Techniques
PHY405 Plasma Phy. II (Th. Group)
COA207 Env. Science
COB207 Engg. Graphics
Sunday, 8 May 2011
MGT-FM-402 Der. Market & Comm. Trad. (09)
MGT-HR-402 Industrial Relations & Legislations (09)
MGT-IS-403 Tech. Mgt. & Strategy (09)
MGT207 Management Information System (10)
BBA-FM-602 Management of Financial Services
BBA-HR-602 Business Ethics
Monday, 9 May 2011
MGT-FM-403 Marketing of Financial Serv. (09)
MGT-HR-403 Cross Cul. Asp. In Int. HRM (09)
MGT-IS-404 Java & Web Designing (09)
BBA-FM-603 Corporate Tax Planning & Tax Management
BBA-HR-603 Social Security & Labour Welfare

Note :

Through: Pro-VC-Tech, SMU & Director, SMIT 

Date: 18/03/2011

All the Students are hereby informed that they are allowed to appear for the back-log papers of even semesters during regular April-May 2011 Examinations,provided there is no clash in the time table.Therefore, they are asked to apply for back-log papers, if there be any, by checking the time table for April-May 2011 Examinations published on 18 2011.
Prof. (Dr.) Anjan Raychaudhuri
Dy. Controller of Examinations-Tech
Sikkim Manipal University    

(i) Date for submission of application forms shall be intimated in due course of time.

Note: This Revised Time Table supersedes the previous Time Table published on 1st March 2011 with ref. no. DCE/SMU/018/2011.

You can also download this Examination Time Table by clicking here


Date:19 March 2011
Prof. (Dr.) Anjan RaychaudhuriDy. Controller of Examinations-Technical, SMU